Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Good morning to you my friends. It is early. A grey day. I have been awake sometime, lying in bed pondering the meaning of life. That's a lovely word don't you think? Pondering.

Any way after a good old ponder I finally came to the conclusion that life has no meaning. What it has I decided is purpose.

The purpose of life it would seem to me, is mainly to procreate. To perpetuate the species. This doesn't just apply to us humans of course. It applies to all of life. Everything has a purpose. A reason to be. Everything needs to procreate, and keep on procreating so that evolution can continue on it's inexorable path.

Eventually, going by the way things have evolved up to now, and bearing in mind, that instead of becoming more caring, we seem intent on finding more and more ways to kill each other, the human race will procreate it's way to total self destruction. But don't worry, it won't be for a while yet, because there are a lot of wars to be fought until someone more maniacal than all the rest sets off the real big one.

There is still a slight hope that it won't happen, but that depends on humanity finally learning that simplicity is the key to happiness, and adopting a more natural life style. One that doesn't require the need for more and more 'stuff '. It is a slight hope. So slight that it won't happen.

Oh well, what will be will be. The good thing is that procreation will still go on. Basically what that means is, you can have as much sex as you like. Which is a good thing, and as purposes go, a very enjoyable one. I wish I had the opportunity to do more of it.

Mind you the fact that I ain't getting any, could be a good thing. The way I see it is that it means I'm doing my bit to slow down the inevitable. I am doing my bit to save the world. As futile as that may be. However should I get the chance to do a bit of procreating again, I shall very likely take the opportunity, and let the worlds decline increase once more.

There is nothing I can do about the rest of the decline. Apart from sorting my rubbish into recycling bins, and to be honest I don't think that is going to help much.

I hope I haven't depressed you. Remember I'm not Albert Einstein. I'm just a bloke who lies in bed pondering.


  1. Hope you have many more ponders.

  2. Ponder away, it's one of the few things in life that is still free. Enjoy!

  3. Love it John, Keep it up ,oops !!

  4. while you're at it, you should be pondering about the ending paragraph of your book.....

  5. A good old ponder does us the world of good. We should definitely do more of it.

  6. Thoughtful post today, thanks. It has me pondering.....

  7. My how philosophical you are today. Pondering is a good word. Did you ever notice how similar pondering and wondering are?

  8. Ah well, nice to know I am doing my bit for the environment too. I feel really fulfilled now. Must go and sort out my recycling box...........yes...............yes...........oh yes.

  9. Nothing wrong with a little pondering occasionally. Now if you will excuse me I'm gonna head for bed and do a little pondering of my own. Is 54 too old to be going back to school in order to start a new career? This could take a while!