Thursday, 29 September 2011

My Theory Is Relatively Too Much Sun.

Oh dear! My blog has been absent for a few days. It's all my fault too. I have been making the most of this somewhat unseasonal, and unexpected heatwave. Some people are calling it an Indian summer, but it is not. I learnt today that an Indian summer is the heatwave which is preceeded by an early frost, and we have not had one of those yet this year.
Imagine me not knowing a fact like that until today. Quite disgraceful! I thought I knew all there is to know about the British weather, and so I should, having reached the age of 64.
It has started me thinking about my lack of knowledge about all manner of things. More than once in response to a question from my extremely handsome son George, I have found myself struggling for an answer. I hate it when I hear myself saying to him, "why don't you google it?"
There is a heck of a lot of knowledge stashed away in the far reaches of my aging brain. This is not an idle boast. It may be immodest of me to say it but I am, or perhaps I should say was, very adept at general knowledge quizzes. Not any more though.
Isaac Newtons apple tree. 360 years old and still producing apples.
Where has it all gone? My theory is, that my brain has become so overloaded with facts, that it has begun to overspill. I believe that any knowledge I have which is surplus to requirements, leaks out of my ears whilst I am sleeping. This is the reason why, when I wake up in the morning it takes me several minutes to remember where I am, why I am where I am, and indeed, who I am.
Where does this overspill of knowledge go? I'll tell you, and you may scoff at what I am about to say, but just remember they scoffed at Isaac Newton, when he became the first person to notice, that apples always fall in a downward direction. They scoffed at Yogi Bear, sorry, Logie Baird when he said he could send pictures through the air. Actually I believe they did also scoff at Yogi Bear, but the knowledge of why they scoffed at him has obviously leaked out, because I can't remember why. They scoffed at Einstein.. Wait.. No.. They didn't scoff at him. Did he scoff at them? Don't know. Can't remember. But they did scoff at lots of people. I know that for certain.
Now where was I before all that scoffing? Oh yes. I believe that google siphons up all the leaked knowledge. I'm not sure how they do it, but it probably involves our home computers in some way. I still have some research to do on this.
As I say this is all theoretical at the moment. However, when I get some spare time I intend to investigate further, and hope, in the fullness of time, to submit a paper to the British Science Institute.
Apparently there is a few more days of heat and sun to come. Tomorrow I shall wear a sunhat. Wish I'd worn one today, perhaps I could have avoided this headache. Hmm.. I wonder. Do you think the heat might have gone to my head?


  1. It does sound like the heatwave may have gone to your head just a little bit, things may become worse as tomorrow is supposed to be the hottest day of the weekend. My advise is wear a sun hat and sleep with earplugs so you don't lose any more of that hard earned knowledge your brain has acquired over the years.

    Happy heatwave

  2. M'agrada molt la foto de la portada , la del gos i la del gat !
    Salutacions des de Catalunya .

  3. Look at it this way, by telling George to google his question you are teaching him how to figure things out for himself. Heck anyone can just hand you an answer but it's better to learn how to find things out on your own. Hey that would work for me as an excuse. Sounds better than saying I'm sorry but all that information seems to have leaked out of my brain.

  4. John, I'm with you on the conspiracy theory.How come I have an IQ of 150 but cannot use the video?? Someone is obviously sneaking in when I am asleep and nicking all my brain juice.
    Jane x

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  6. Ooooops I've been calling it an Indian Summer. Thanks for putting me right. Pssst two people told me that snow is due next week. I think they both watch the same comedian.

    My brain has seized up yet when doing a crossword I'm surprised when answers spring from nowhere, answers I didn't think I knew in the first place. Have a carefree weekend.

  7. I think it may be the sun but By George I think you have something here. I do love using google but maybe it is hoarding all our thoughts. :) B

  8. I have been enjoying your blog very much...can you tell me what this building is...I'm assuming it is a house because of the outbuildings. If it's a home, can you tell me who's it is?