Friday, 19 June 2020

The Strange Tale Of The Welly Boot Incident.

You couldn't make it up. Just a few days ago it was. Tricia was getting ready to go for a walk with her little dog Dixie. She had put her wellington boots on and although she thought something was amiss at the time still she... Wait. I am getting ahead of myself here. I meant to start by telling you how a few days previous to this Tricia had tripped over a cardboard box. In the garden. It was one of several boxes that were lying about having spilled out of the shed. The shed is full of cardboard boxes. She collects them. Various shapes and sizes. For the stuff she sells on Ebay. There are too many boxes in her shed in my opinion. Results in them spilling onto the garden path every time she sorts through looking for 'just the right one'. Anyway, she tripped over this one, landed badly and was in awful pain. We all had a bit of a prod on her painful arm, me and beautiful daughter Jodie and extremely handsome son George and we each made our diagnosis. The general consensus of opinion was that she had landed badly and twisted a muscle and would be okay after a bit of a rest. We were all wrong as it turned out. The pain was too bad and so EHS George loaded her carefully into his van and off they went to hospital, accident and emergency. Turned out poor old Tricia had dislocated her shoulder. They relocated it, put it in a sling and told her to be careful of it for a few weeks. Thankfully she was soon back to her normal self and the boxes put away in a tidier fashion.Where was I? Oh yes, the wellington boots.
They are a bit too big for her those boots so she didn't think too much of it when one of them felt a bit squishy as she walked the dog. She just carried on walking. She still carried on walking when she felt a sudden sharp pain in her big toe. She is a hardy soul is our Tricia. After she got home she took the boots off and left them in the back porch. It was only when she saw all the blood on the kitchen floor that she noticed her sock was covered in blood too and her toe was bleeding heavily. It was as she was examining her wellington boot to find out what had caused her toe to bleed that a small rat ran out of it, through the back door and disappeared into the garden.
Tricia is fine. Fortunately she was still covered by a previous tetanus jab. The doctor has prescribed a course of antibiotics.
As I say, you couldn't make it up.

My latest painting is my take on Covid 19. I have called it:

Third World War.
Oil on canvas
30in x 26in (approx)


  1. Eeewww I say as I shudder violently. Tricia is truly a hardy soul. How is BD Jodie? You haven't mentioned her or your granddaughter in a while.

    1. Hi Emma. Jodie is fine. She is decorating old furniture at the moment, Maisie is studying criminology at university.

  2. Poor little Ratty! Hope both were ok after their adventure!

  3. How awful. Thank goodness the injury wasn't worse. I never did like rats.
    Hope all is well with you, John.

    1. All is well thanks Valerie. You likewise I hope?