Wednesday, 3 April 2019

At Least I Got Me 'ealth

Me back don’t ‘alf ‘urt. Don’t even know ‘ow I ‘urt it. Was sitting down watching telly. Some crap or other. Got up from the chair or tried to at least and wallop me backs locked. Managed to straighten up slowly. Excruciating! You’re s’posed to keep moving to try and ease it. Well, that might be all right but what if you can’t keep moving?  What if you are getting on a bit and are subject to limitations? What then? I can move all right but me legs ain’t what they was. What with the circulation problems and the pain in me calves an all. Know what I mean? Not to mention me big toe pain on me right foot what comes on sudden when I ain’t expecting it and there’s that weird intermittent knee snap to contend with. So, yeah, I tried keeping moving best I could but I can only go slowly on account of me ‘eart playing up. It takes me a good ‘our an an ‘alf to walk what used to take ‘alf an ‘our by which time I’m knackered. Then I has to rest and you can’t rest proper standing up can you? I can’t anyway so I have to sit down and then I can’t get up again for ages. But I ain’t one to complain. I mean have you ‘eard me complain about me fading eyesight? No you ‘avent ‘cos I wouldn’t inflict that on anyone. Have you ‘eard me complain about the arthritis in me ‘ands? No, course you ain’t. Me going deaf? Do I go on about it? No, I don’t. Cos I ain’t a moaner. I better stop writing now. I been sitting here long enough and it’s going to be murder getting up again. I shall go to bed. Probably won’t sleep much and if I do, I shall wake up a couple of times in the night needing a wee and getting up from lying down is a nightmare what with me back and all. Still, I mustn’t complain. At least I got me ‘ealth!


  1. I have no idea how much of this is true and how much is your wonderful imagination. At least you aren't falling down. That seems to be my trick. I'm glad to hear from you though. I worry about you.

  2. Lovely to get a post from you, made me laugh, read it out to Tom. Please post more, there's not many post's out there worth reading but yours are always interesting. Love to see the dog and the paitings etc. Know exactly where you are coming from with 'the little niggle's' LOL

  3. I know you, John, you're just trying to outdo me. Well you can't, so there! Let's both take a few painkillers and get on with our moans and groans. Have a nice day, my friend.