Friday, 11 January 2019

Why and Why Not?

Its been quite some time since I last looked in. Truth is.. I just haven't been in blogging mood. Still not as I am being honest.
How long does a blog go on? Well, I suppose as long as one has the will to keep doing it, and I haven't lately. Or, is it until I pop my clogs?
I don't tend to get out and about much these days so I am not meeting new people or being inspired by new events like I used to.
I don't know why I have stopped going out and about. Except to say I get worried about it. I may have good intentions of going to let's say an open mic night at the pub but then as the day draws on and the time approaches to go I begin to make excuses to myself as to why I can't go. Eventually having tidied myself up and got my decent clothes on I don't go. Madness isn't it? Especially when you consider that I know I will enjoy myself if I do get there. In my usual long-winded way this is me explaining why my blog gets neglected. What have I got to say that you might want to hear? That's the problem at the moment.
I haven't painted for a couple of weeks either. Same thing. Can't be bothered. This is the last one I did before Christmas. It sold straightaway. Always nice when that happens. I have had a request for another donkey painting too.

I have been playing my guitar a lot. A helluva lot. I am trying to learn finger-picking the way the old country blues guitarists used to play. My seventy year old fingers are getting nicely calloused. I have taken up this finger-picking to challenge my brain to learn a new skill. I thought at one time I was probably too old to learn new stuff. Then I read somewhere that the human brain can keep learning and growing new cells until well into the nineties!
Mia the German Shepherd cut a pad on her foot nearly two weeks ago now. It was a bad cut. Needed twelve stitches. Been to the vet several times since but it is taking its time healing. Tomorrow (Saturday) I am hopeful it will have healed and we can get back to our walks.
Mia at the vets.

Mia having her bandage applied. She was very well behaved.

Mia back  at home.

My new 'old' guitar.
I tried to stop my fingertips hurting with some of Beautiful Daughter Jodie's nail varnish.

Bonnie the Ginger Cat.

I have made myself another guitar. I made it out of bits and pieces of broken guitars. What I wanted to achieve was a vintage look and feel. That old look was obtained by a paint effect. The inserts in the neck are mother-of-pearl given to me by my extremely handsome son George. I am pleased with the result and it sounds pretty good too.

Anyway, there it is at last. A new blogpost. Maybe the first of many. Are you still there?


  1. Don't give up on blogging, I know its hard to sometimes come up with fresh ideas but I for one like reading your ramblings. I often go for a week or two without blogging because like you I don't feel as though I have anything to say but, really most people just like to read about humdrum things.
    I think a lot of it is age, sometimes I can't be bothered to get my embroidery going and then I think what a waste when I have a talent. Same as you with yout makes and Paintings.
    Those donkeys are just wonderful. Keep going you'll have at least one reader, lol ME....

    1. Thanks Briony. I agree about the age thing. I was hoping not to become a grumpy old man. Maybe there is still hope? :) x

  2. I know how you feel, John. I don't go out either and had to talk myself into persevering with crafts, blogging, writing. The crafts have taken a back seat though. I think everything falls into place eventually, no matter what age we are.

    Take another look at the donkey picture and you'll realise that you still have talent others would die for.

    1. Thanks for those kind words Valerie. I think we should all start giving each other pep talks. x

  3. I love to read about other people's lives and to see examples of their talents. Your donkey picture is gorgeous. Mia is a beautiful dog and I hope her poor paw heals soon. I really enjoy reading your blog but am a bit shy about commenting. In previous blogs you have referred to painful events from your past, I do hope that writing things down here, getting those 'secrets out in the open will help you heal. Blessings to you. Sally

  4. Thanks Justme (what a lovely name) for these kind words. :) I am pleased you got over your shyness about commenting Sally. The childhood legal thing is still ongoing. Hopefully it will be sorted soon. x

  5. You know I'm always here. As far as going places sometimes it just isn't worth the trouble. You have sunk into a funk and need to work at snapping yourself out. Love the painting. Poor Mia. She'll be romping about soon.

    1. Hi Emma. Yes I have come to rely on you being there. I always take on board what you say (mostly). x

  6. John, I always enjoy reading your posts and you're always interesting. I've been blogging for more years than I care to remember and haven't said anything worthwhile yet - but that hasn't stopped me.

    Ever since I moved here to the Tennessee wilderness (four years ago) I've been a hermit and I actually enjoy the solitude. I only venture into town to get groceries.

    I love your painting!!!

  7. Hi Jon. Thanks for dropping by. I saw a TV programme just last night and Tennessee featured. Reginald D Hunter talking about music mostly. I would love to visit that State. Watch out I don't ruin your solitude. ;)