Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Tuba Skinny

This is Tuba Skinny my favourite band of all time. If  by some miracle I ever get to New Orleans I would hang about the streets until this lot turned up.
This is my favourite clip. I love how they welcome the man and his kazoo to join in.
The singer is Erika Lewis. I am smitten.
The cornet player is Shaye Cohn. Marvellous. I am smitten with her also.
I am indeed smitten with the whole band.
I hope you enjoy listening too.


  1. I enjoyed the song so much that I listened to a couple more before I came back. Good choice.

  2. Now look, I don't like dancing at this time of the day ...... oh well, if you insist!

  3. Thanks for the music link. Really enjoyed it.