Thursday, 26 April 2018

Ceiling Art And The Animal In Me.

I managed to survive my 'holiday' and only came home two days early! It is so good to be back home. I have been keeping myself busy with some spring cleaning since returning. I also rerouted the waste water pipe that has been a pain for ages.The door that has had a broken hinge for four years got mended and I also painted my bedroom ceiling. Not in a boring way though. I proper painted it. What do you think of it?

I have got some new bedding that is much more in keeping with the animal in me. Samantha came to check out the ceiling art and the new bedding. I think she likes it.

Looking tidy around here.


  1. I am totally impressed with your organizational skills. As for your ceiling I love it. I am going to be painting my ceiling as soon as I can decide what I want. I was thinking of a sky with fluffy clouds. I like the idea of a soaring bird though. The wheels in my head are turning.

  2. I can't paint or draw and I can't reach the ceiling so that precludes me from copying. Seriously, I think your art work is fantastic and so original. Well done, John.

  3. Wow! Just "WOW!!!" My current decorating plans are now looking boring, boring, boring. Thanks!