Monday, 30 April 2018

It's Awfa Dreak Oot.

When the sun shines so do I. Today is cold, wet and bleak and so am I. It seems like every year I get fooled into thinking summer has arrived early but it lasts for a few days and back to winter. So disheartening!

It doesn't help that I have hurt my back again. This time it was caused by the simple act of bending to pick up Bonnie the Ginger Cat. Downward action was fine but as I straightened up something twisted. Agony! That was a couple of days ago. It is gradually hurting less now. It helps to keep moving but I don't feel like going out in this dreak weather.

I want to paint but I have run out of paints and can't afford to buy any. Yes, I am still poor at the moment. Hopefully soon I will be able to buy loads of the stuff.

Well, what a dismal post this has been so far. I do apologise.

My recent 'holiday' on the Isles of Scilly has got me thinking about bringing some modern comforts into my life. I think it is perhaps time I became a little less 'alternative'. How nice it was to be able to turn a light on with the flick of a switch. How marvellous to have hot water on tap and instant heat when the weather turns cold. Yes, it is time for a change. I have done quite well regarding my carbon footprint. Of course, I will always remain aware of my personal impact on the planet but perhaps a little less so.

Talking about carbon footprints I have been doing a bit extra by picking up litter on my walks with Mia the German Shepherd. Our usual walk over farmland is not a well trodden path but you would be amazed at the amount of plastic litter we come across. It is blown across the fields from the nearby villages and comes up against the hedgerows and fences. Our walk is looking much nicer now. The new Spring growth is now hiding a lot of litter but I will be back at the litter picking when it dies down in the winter.
Mia the German Shepherd stops to admire an Isles of Scilly view.


  1. I hope your back feels better soon. It is so limiting because it affects the rest of your body. I am glad you are considering a few modern comforts for yourself. I have lived both ways and believe me hot water and heat in the winter and cool in the summer are better. I will not even go into the differences between indoor bathrooms and the dreaded outhouse. Are you planning on upgrading your wagon or will you either build or relocate?

    1. Hi Emma, I am going to upgrade the wagon. The bathroom has always been in situ. Just never been plumbed in. I am thinking of installing a new fireplace with a back boiler for free hot water.

  2. And there was me thinking you lived in luxury. Good luck with the upgrade.