Saturday, 3 December 2016

Bain Of My Life.

My latest book is ready for you to purchase. It didn't take long to write because it is full of posts written from the beginning of this blog. This is just part one. This could turn into a series.

Here is a link to it.

I hope you will all rush there to have a look and maybe buy a copy or two.


  1. I just ordered the book. I am looking forward to it. You know how much I enjoyed your first book. I will let you know when I finish this one.

  2. If it's as good as the first book it's got to be worth buying. Well done, John. On my way to Amazon.

  3. Me again... book ordered. The link you gave is for the US, fortunately Amazon UK have the book in stock. Just thought I should mention that!

  4. Thanks Valerie. I do hope you enjoy the read. My friend published it for me on createspace. I ordered mycopy from America before I realised it was available here. I shall see what can be done about the link.