Sunday, 10 August 2014

Some Changes Afoot.

Normally I always put my right boot on first, but just now, prior to a short walk, I thought 'sod it' and put my left boot on first.

The weird thing is, that I always take my left boot off first. Not today though. Oh no, today it shall be the right boot.

What arm do you put into the sleeve first when you get dressed? Normally I do the right arm. Tomorrow I might do the left arm first.

What side of the road do you drive on? Normally I drive on the.. hang on.. normally the.. I suppose it depends what way I'm facing, and maybe whether I'm going forward or backwards. Might be a bit unwise to change which side of the road. Yeah, I shan't change that. No.

But I shall be making some changes, that's for sure. Anyway, best foot forward as they say. Normally that would be my right foot...


  1. Right foot, left foot. I suppose it does not matter as long as it is the correct foot.

  2. If our minds wander to these tings, it's GOT to be summer.