Thursday, 7 August 2014

Me Ignoramus!

I just had a birthday. Blimey that sounds odd! Sounds like I just gave birth! No I mean it was my birthday recently. I have now been in existence for sixty seven years. Sounds like a lifetime doesn't it? Well I s'pose it is. My life time. Although not quite. Not yet. Hopefully there might be a few years left. Then again I haven't felt too good these last few days. Oh well.

My Extremely Handsome Son George is still working on his dew pond project.

Sixty seven and I know nothing at all. I was having a debate with my extremely handsome son George yesterday as we watched a wasp drink from the side of his dew pond. I told him that insects were not animals, "insects ain't animals," I said to him."insects is insects."

EHS George was astonished. "Of course insects are animals," he said laughing, "you are joking Dad, aren't you?"

"No George," I says, "insects are not animals. Insects are insects."

"You're not serious Dad?"

"Yes I am son. Insects are insects, birds are birds, fish are fish. They are not animals. Only animals are animals."

"Unbelievable!" By now EHS George was looking at me a bit funny, so I left the conversation there and went and had a look on Google.

Can somebody please explain to me how I have reached the age of sixty seven without knowing that insects, birds, and fish are animals? Seriously, I didn't know that! How has this happened? I have had a lifelong interest in wild life and I didn't know! I must be as thick as two short planks? I didn't know that insects, birds, and fish are animals!

Did you know? Of course you did. You're not stupid like me.

I told EHS George. I said to him, "Insects are animals son. You are right."

"Yes," he said, "I know I am."


  1. It used to be simple. Animal, plant, or mineral. Now they've decided that fungi are their own thing as are some others, because there are intergrades between plants and animals. Now we have Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Protista, Archaea, and Bacteria. Is your head spinning yet. You just wanted animals to be furry and friendly! (or food)

  2. Tom's 74 and I'm 68 and, like you, we didn't realise that they were all called animals .
    I think they must have changed the rules cos we can't all be that thick, can we??
    Love that dew pond...

  3. You were only thinking childishly. As children we see animals as furry creatures that can be petted. All other living things are simply what they are. Children have a simple outlook for everything and it is a shame that too many of us lose the ability to be childish.

  4. I can't believe they are animals. I reckon your EHS quickly went and altered Wikipedia as you rushed off to check. Now he will be laughing even more :)

  5. OUR sons seem both pretty smart and they survive putting up with us. THAT, my friend, says a lot w/o words.

  6. It's never too late to learn, John, as I keep finding out.

  7. Never doubt handsome George again.

  8. Happy belated birthday, John. And I think Val nailed it as I keep finding out as well that it's never too late to learn. Nice work on the pond by EHS George.