Sunday, 29 June 2014

Win Win Situation.

It was last Tues.... or was it Wednes...? No no I was right first time, it was Tuesday. I decided that I would live to be one hundred years old. The very thought of this gave me a tremendous lift, because it occurred to me that I still have eight years to go until I'm seventy five. This means of course that I still have another eight years to go until I have completed three quarters of my life. How absolutely marvellous! I still have thirty three years to go. One can achieve an awful lot in thirty three years.

The other marvellous thing is, if I don't make it to a hundred years, it won't matter. I shan't be in the least concerned. Because I'll be dead! It's an absolutely win win situation.

Actually, thinking about it a bit more, it was Wednesday, because Tuesday I had the dentist. Yes definitely Wednesday. Definitely!

Oh hang on....Was it Monday the dentist?


  1. I think the dentist is next Monday. ;-)

  2. How intelligent of you to plan ahead like that. I am sure that it is gratifying to know exactly how much time you have to do all the things you wish to accomplish. And I agree with Sharkbytes... the dentist is next Monday.

  3. John you do make me chuckle, but I like your plan to live to 100....wishing you all the luck with that plan and hope that it comes to fruition.
    For me the dentist is next

  4. Best of luck on your intended longevity. So far, so good!