Sunday, 8 June 2014

I Know Who I Am.

UKIP. This is the acronym for the United Kingdom Independence Party. If I was to give my support to any political party it would be this one. Because of this I have been labelled, racist, bigoted, ignorant and homophobic, amongst other things. I am none of these.

Oh sod it! I was going to have a bit of a rant about the negative effects of economic immigration from eastern Europe -I know there are also positives- but no, I 'm not going to. Who cares what I think?

I will say this though. Many immigrants who arrive in this beautiful, accepting country of ours, are fleeing suffering and hardship that most of us cannot even begin to imagine. We should always remember that, and continue to offer welcoming sanctuary.

I could go on about why I am none of the things labelled above, but I can't be bothered. I know who I am. What else matters?


  1. And here I was just waiting to hear your views. Perhaps another time. I too affiliate myself more with one political party than another but I reserve the right to agree with whomever I believe is right. I also think I know you well enough through your writings to know that even though you have opinions you are none of the labels you mentioned. You are not an "ist".

  2. That archetype of rational thought, Bertrand Russell (himself a Lord who advocated the abolition of The House Of Lords) wrote "All movements go too far." I think the isms you've been accused of stem from vociferous ists who have attached their strange enthusiasms to UKIP which, after all is in its first 2 or 3 decades --its cultic phase. These distractions burn themselves off by and by, leaving what is good and sensible in a political party. Personally, I wouldn't buy a used car from Nigel Farage, but he has some ideas that will enhance government by discussion, and that's good.

  3. And that's all that really matters...that you know who you are.
    It's impossible to please everybody, and I would suggest that you don't even try to.
    You are going to be labeled by others no matter what, and as my girl Joy Behar would say "So what?...who cares!"
    Take care of YOU.