Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Hello Again.

Hello all. I am still here but have not been in blogging mood for a while. I'm still not, to be truthful, but I shall try to keep it going until the writing bug resurfaces, as I am sure it will. Along with the rest of my creativity hopefully.

I am missing Sadie the German Shepherd terribly. Bonnie the Ginger Cat seems to be missing her friend too and has taken to sitting on my lap again. Could be just coincidence perhaps but I really think not.

I am thinking of getting another dog. This place seems so empty without one. And I haven't been for a walk since Sadie the German Shepherd died. My first thought was to get an older rescue dog but I must think about Bonnie the Ginger Cat. Although she loved Sadie, she does not appreciate other dogs coming to visit and always runs off and hides until she is sure they have gone.

When Sadie the German Shepherd first came here I had a cat called Stig. He was so upset that he ran away and was never seen again. I would hate that to happen to Bonnie.

So I think I shall get a puppy this time. Bonnie should be able to deal with that. Mind you it is all rather academic at the moment because I don't have any spare money and am still paying the vet's bill.

Finally thanks to all who have purchased my book, I hope you were not too disappointed. I have no idea how many I have sold, because all I get when I log in to Amazon is that there have been no sales. I know that isn't true.

I shall be back soon.


  1. Sounds like Bonnie is comforting you, John. Don't worry about blogging, it takes a while for life to resume normality after a loss such as yours. Good idea about the puppy, if only to get you out walking again. Take care, my friend.

  2. Forgot to say, I enjoyed the book. I am pleased you turned out to be the fine upstanding man that you are now.

  3. As much as I miss your daily posts I understand your need for quiet. Bonnie needs comfort and is giving comfort back. Whenever I have lost someone I have found such comfort in cuddling a baby. Luckily in such a large family there is always a baby close by. So you and Bonnie comfort each other. It is good for both of you.

  4. Bonnie is very likely mourning the loss of Sadie just as much as you are. She is not only trying to comfort you but get comfort from you. I totally believe that animals grieve.
    I can also relate to wanting to get another dog. When I had to have my dog put down I didn't last more than a couple months before Duke was adopted

  5. I think it would be wonderful if you could get a puppy. That would probably be much better than getting an older rescue dog. Hopefully Bonnie would learn to accept it.

    I'm presently taking care of eight cats that my neighbor abandoned when she moved. One of them just had kittens - and I'm about to have a nervous breakdown. If you need cats, I'll send them to you......

  6. I saw a cat and dog playing yesterday. They were both the same size! So cute- they wrestled and tumbled. Do whatever you need to do to give yourself the companionship you need. It is very hard to get out for walks with no dog though.

  7. Plenty of abandoned pups who need homes...good on you.

  8. Because the bearded wonder and I have been living in separate homes for the last 11 months, the times when his cat and my 9 month old pup have mixed has been interesting, to say the least. They work in shifts, during the day the cat is hiding out and the dog is out and about with me and 5 minutes after he gets put to bed in his shed, Miss Asia makes her way inside and spends the night with us. The bearded wonder is due to move in with me now that he has sold his business, so we are set to see how the two co-habit (the animals that is, not him and me, we already know that that works like a dream).

  9. It's been a while since I've visited and looking back at your posts, I can see that I've missed quite a bit. I'm so sorry to hear such sad news about Sadie, she was a beautiful girl and I know you'll miss her terribly. Pets become part of the family and we miss them as such. It sounds as though Bonnie is missing her too so it's good that you're able to comfort each other through these sad times. Well done on the book launch, I don't have a Kindle so I'm unable to read it, but you never know, I might get one eventually and then I'll definitely read your book.