Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Email Alert And Other Stuff.

Hallo my dear readers.

First off I would ask you please not to open any emails sent from me inviting you to click on a link. I have been hacked and didn't send any emails with attachments. I have now changed my password so hope this won't happen again.

This is one of those days when I am at a loss to think about what to write about, so let's see what happens. Does the word lets have an apostrophe? I don't know. I don't suppose it really matters in the scheme of things. Tricia helps me with punctuation and grammar when I get stuck. She used to be an English teacher which is very useful. Do you think the word 'very' needs to be put in front of useful? Surely useful means just what it says. So what is the point of 'very'? Perhaps 'extremely' would be better? Extremely useful. Maybe extremely is too extreme? 'Most useful'. How about that? I think I shall move on from this topic. My head is beginning to ache. Beginning to ache. What does that mean? Maybe I should have just said my head is aching? Oh crikey! See what's happening. I am definitely moving off the word topic now.

Bonnie the Ginger Cat is acting a bit strange lately. She has taken to giving me a smack with her paw for no discernible reason - I just had to look up how to spell discernible. She still likes me I think, because she still likes to sit on my lap. She used to give Sadie the German Shepherd an occasional smack. I think it was to show Sadie who was the real boss. Sadie used to simply ignore her. Maybe Bonnie thinks she has to keep me in check too? She gets really sulky when I tell her off for her bad behaviour. Makes me feel guilty too. It'll be interesting to see what happens around here when I get a new puppy.
Bonnie the boss cat.
My extremely handsome son George has passed his first two exams at university. He has been inquiring about joining a local football team in Liverpool and is going to a training session tomorrow. I am pleased about this because he is such a good player. I am not just saying that because he is my son. Well perhaps I am, but it is true. Did I tell you that he has become a football association coach? I asked him if he would mention that to the new team. He says he might do, but I suspect not. He is such a lad for 'hiding his light under a bushel' as the saying goes. Have you heard that saying before? We do have some strange sayings in England.

Anyway, the things he is doing up there in Liverpool such as learning martial arts and now the football give me hope that he is settling into life away from home OK. He will make good friends at the football club too.

I am feeling more positive about things now and can feel my creativity wanting to return. It is a month now since Sadie the German Shepherd died and I am no longer constantly feeling her presence at my side. Tricia is going to visit EHS George at the weekend. I shall be looking after her three little dogs while she is away, so I will be doing some dog walking again.

In my last post I made some references to God and religion. I don't really consider myself religious to be honest. I suppose I can best describe myself as an agnostic. I am saying this in view of the recent dreadful typhoon in the Philipinnes. All those deaths. So many people made homeless. People who in most cases had very little anyway. It sure does make me think. Why would a benevolent God allow that to happen? I suppose people of great faith would be able to explain His thinking. I can't.

It is 2 am. I think I shall go to bed now. Goodnight and God bless -Well why not?

PS. Remember to ignore any email links, purporting to come from me.


  1. Theism and Atheism both require leaps of faith of which I find myself incapable, so I think I understand your position well enough. Your cat is telling you to get another dog.

  2. Tricia is an accomplished person. I am in awe. EHS George is doing so well. You and Tricia have every right to be proud. I hope he makes the team. Maybe Bonnie is trying to figure out where you put Sadie? It must be hard for her to understand too.

  3. The smack from Bonnie the Cat is just her endearing way of saying, "Hello how are you doing today." Please don't scold her for it.....she misses her pal too.
    Yes, there is an apostrophe in let's...where the "u" from let us has been dropped.
    So happy to hear about EHS George's exam results...I wish him success in joining the football club.

  4. Thanks for the spam warning, John, and while I did get a message, it was immediately deleted as being suspicious. It's not the first time friends have been hacked and surely not the last. Grammar can be so confounding. Glad to read that EHS George is enjoying university life and doing well.

  5. EHS George is doing well, congratulations to him. Passing exams was never my forte!

    Love the picture of Bonnie.

    According to the woman who ran my writer's group... any word ending with 'ly' is superfluous, so your opinion is good. It's true when we really think about it.

  6. Yep Bonnie sounds as if she is trying to get you to understand. Why can't you read her mind? that's one of the things she wants to know.