Saturday, 12 November 2011

Stuck For Words. That's Not Like Me.

I am absolutely serious when I tell you that today I am completely stuck for anything to write about. There is nothing there. The grey matter is empty. So what I am going to do is just keep on writing away and see what, if anything develops. I suppose it is inevitable that occasionally this will happen.

Sometimes I think that in order to keep the blog going I ought to just write a very short post, saying something about my day, but today nothing much of note happened.

George, my extremely handsome son and I watched the England  v Spain friendly match on the television. I have to confess that neither of us expected England to win. Spain are a fantastic team, after all. But England did win. The score: 1-0. A lucky goal for England, but I suppose a win is a win.

Yesterday I happened to notice that my hair is thinning on top. Actually I have noticed this before, but this time I caught an unfortunate glimpse in the mirror, with the light directly above my head. Horrendous sight. No wonder I can't find a girlfriend. Who would want me looking like this? Really? How very kind of you. Oh thank you! That is so sweet of you to say so.

Well anyway, I went to see Yola, my next door neighbour, and asked her if she would shave my head. This is not such a strange request to ask her, because she is, or was, a hairdresser. She thought that a shaved head was a bit drastic, but agreed to a grade 2, which is very short indeed. I have had it even shorter, but for some strange reason, even the barber tries to talk me out of it. So grade 2 it is.  I feel much better for it, and think it looks better too. However I suspect that my woolly hat will get plenty of use, now that it is getting colder.
Why does hair always grow everywhere but the top of my head?

It is 8-30 pm now. I have just been outside with my camera, because I remembered something else I did today, and thought I might share with you. It is very dark out there, and my torch batteries are fading, but I did my best. I was literally shooting the pictures in the dark. It really was pitch black. Until the flash went off of course.

The pictures are taken in and around my outdoor gallery, which is still under construction. I call it the 'Ramshackle Gallery' because it is cobbled together from any old bits of construction materials I can find. This is intentional.

As you can see, Bonnie the cat, was curious about what I was doing out there in the dark. As, I think were the new neighbours. They probably wondered what I was doing flashing away in the dark. When I say I was flashing, I do mean the camera. There is nothing weird about me. Although when you see the pictures you might wonder.
I am having the usual problems getting the photos in the right places. I give up!

Anyway this is stuff that is going to be part of the gallery display eventually, along with my paintings.

That red box thingy on wheels is the easel which I work on, when I go out and do my street portraiture. It's design and bright colours, reflects the Gypsy in me. The painting of the old man on it, is one I copied from a Van Gogh. I think if you click on the pictures you might make them easier to see. But I am not sure about that.

The chair with the OXO sign is my attempt at recreating an advertising chair, which were common in shops when I was a boy. In those days people had to wait to be served, and a chair was handy to have. It needs some more work on it. I will make it look older.

That's about it then. I don't want to bore you, so I will stop wittering on. So you see, this is what happens when my brain refuses to give me any help.

Good night, God bless.


  1. This was a very interesting, chatty post. Rambling on is sometimes quite intriguing. I like the new haircut, by the way.

  2. You've been busy doing crafty things. Hair falling out is not fun for boys or girls.

  3. I think you did splendid for not having anything to say. I often find myself at a loss for what to blog about and end up boring everyone with something silly

  4. #1: You ended up finding much to say.
    #2: Bald headed men are sexy. But you aren't quite bald. Oh...well.
    #3: I like the multi-color painted rife!Or is it a BB Gun?
    #4: When I don't know what to blog about I usually shut my laptop down and just live life. That renews me and gives me new ideas.
    #5: Good Post for one who was "stuck".HA

  5. I like the haircut. What woman couldn't resist that? Only a foolish one.

  6. You MUST know that old saying about bald men being sexy ....

    Your post was brilliant, so many different subjects was bound to hold the interest of your fans. Yes! Definitely!

    Love the new header, by the way.

  7. I really like your blogs. I think I may have said that before. Are you as interesting in real life as you are in your blogs? You don't really have to answer that. Some things maybe best kept the flashing. You sure do well when you have absolutely nothing to write about. Give my love to your extremely handsome son. Keep up the great blogs. I am always entertained reading them.

  8. I think men who are thinning on top look so much better having a short cut rather than trying to grow more hair to cover the thinning patch up as some men do. You found plenty to chat about.

  9. I have many days like this also. Can I take this opporchancity to thank the English football team for winning me a little cash, I knew Spain would faf around with their 5 yard passes letting England catch them on the counter and end up losing. Thank you Mr Lampard. You shaved your head at the start of a British winter? Are you mad?? I saw some nice wooly tammies in M& one...quick.