Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I'm Sorry, But This Is A Load Of Absolute Garbage.

Once upon a time, long, long ago, I had a little business clearing rubbish, and other unwanted stuff from peoples homes and gardens. It was something I used to do part time, and I really enjoyed doing it. Mostly it was rubbish, and debris from renovations, but just occasionally I would pick up something of worth. For instance: a decent piece of furniture, or some brass, copper, or other scrap metal. It was a useful addition to the family income, and also made good use of the small truck I owned at that time. The good stuff I would sell on to second hand shops, and the scrap metal would be weighed in at the local scrap yard.

Sadly this little business came to a halt, when the local council began to charge a fee to dispose of stuff at the local tip. This forced me to increase my prices, and customers became reluctant to use my services. Who can blame them. The council charges added 100% to the bill.

It was in the 70's that charges were first introduced. The council saw it as a way of increasing their revenue, conveniently forgetting that most people had already paid for the service as part of their rates bill.

Around about the same time as the council began charging, there suddenly occurred a huge increase in fly tipping, which is the term used for illegal disposal of rubbish. Unscrupulous persons would clear rubbish, but instead of paying to off load at the council tip, they would dispose of it at any quiet location they could find. Where are the quiet places? In the countryside of course. Illegal dumping places were everywhere. An absolute blot on the landscape.

Who paid for these illegal sites to be cleaned up? The council. With the ratepayers money! That is you and I. Not only did we now have to pay to tip rubbish, we had to pay to clear the illegal tips.

The council never learned from this. They didn't decide to reinstate the free tipping that had worked so well for years. What they did was, increased their fees, yet again, to pay for the illegal sites to be cleared.
Which of course only served to make things even worse.

The illegal tipping still goes on. The photos accompanying these words of mine, were all taken today, as Sadie the German Shepherd and I went for a walk. They were all taken within less than a mile of home

Some of the rubbish has been around for a while, and has been hidden by undergrowth. The onset of winter, and the subsequent loss of foliage, serving to reveal the ugliness. Some of the rubbish is newly dumped. I have not even shown you all of it. It is depressing taking photos of this awful blight.

Forgive me for subjecting you to it, but I know you care, and I needed to get this off my chest. How does the saying go? A burden shared.....

Tomorrow hopefully, I shall be back to my usual happy self, but I think I shall walk in the other direction. My eyes looking upwards, to the tree tops and beyond. Beyond. Where we have not done any damage. No damage? What am I saying?


  1. It is a sad state of things but very true. My mother and I were trying to get some assistance from the city to help our neighborhood clean itself from the garbage strewn everywhere. We took a group of people including our children to clean just one vacant lot that had become a haven for dumping whatever. We actually took large dead plants and attached a few of the things we found lying around and made "Christmas trees" of them. Those we presented to the city. The city went to the vacant lot that we had cleaned. Discovering that there was no refuse there, they decided we were a bunch of silly women with nothing better to do and left the rest of the neighborhood filled with debris. Those in power just don't want to see what is right before their eyes. I'm sorry these ugly places are so close to you. Unfortunately even looking up won't help. We are leaving garbage in space too.

  2. As a teacher it upsets me the total disregard and ignorance children have about discarding their rubbish. I regularly see children blatantly throwing their rubbish on the ground literally yards from a bin. No possible awareness that someone will have to pick up after them. I can appreciate your outrage.

  3. This is really sad, quite equal to the situation of disposal of garbage in India, I think; because this illegal disposal is nothing but the doings of the literate, who probably know what happens when one does that, yet they live in ignorance - and that is disgusting!

  4. It's so sad to see sights such as these. It's such a shame the people have so little regard for their environment.

  5. This kind of thing happens in too many places. The governments' answer to anything always seems to be to make things more complicated and to charge more money.

  6. The more govt. steps in and adds fees and taxes to things the more people find a way around them. When will they learn? It's sad that stuff like this has to happen

  7. Wow- that does seem like a lot of garbage near you. Such a shame.

  8. It's hard to see that going on. We have it here too and although volunteers have an annual clean-up day, it would be better just to stop it altogether.

  9. It is *&?!! amazing how councils never, ever learn about rubbish. it's so obvious that if you make it hard to dispose of rubbish, people will just dump it. our local council tip was closed for ages, and they wouldn't take away white spirit - you were supposed to make an hour round trip to get rid of your jar full of white spirit after cleaning the paintbrush. Well, I kept mine till I went to the tip but bear in mind we live pretty central in London and most people in flats don't haev room for keeping stuff like that around.

    Actually our council is better than my mum's in West Berkshire. If you don't have a car, it's tough luck. They'll collect larger items as long as there are several of them. So why not leave the roll of carpet out in the gutter???!!!

    Yes, I understand why you get steamed up specially if you have to see this stuff every day.

  10. Shows how responsible are people towards their surroundings & environment.