Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Boot, Socks, Kettle, Underpants And Two Towels.

JB’s Vauxhall Astra update. Number 33.

Oh boy am I excited! My arctic sleeping bag arrives tomorrow. It is ex-army. It was last slept in by a soldier. Possibly a big hairy Marine commando with a huge weapon? Marine commando's use deodorants these days though. So, it should be fine. I just hope he kept his toe nails clipped and had regular access to a bath?
Maybe it belonged to a lady soldier? Gosh! Now I really am excited. Maybe she slept naked except for a touch of Chanel Number 9?

As advised by some people I bought two towels today. See, I do take your comments on board. Micro towels they call them. Dries four times faster than a normal towel. I don’t know why they are called micro towels? I bought a big one for myself and a giant one for Mia the German Shepherd. Bloody dog costs me a fortune! I am thinking of taking her back and exchanging for a Jack Russell.

I also bought some new walking boots. Partly paid with a gift voucher my son Cedric gave me for Christmas. Last Christmas that is, not the one in about ten months’ time. Cedric isn’t his real name by the way. His real name is George, but I can’t get in touch with him to ask permission to use it. He told me, "they have some nice boots in there Dad but the woman behind the counter is a bit miserable". When I went into the shop I knew immediately who he meant because she did look miserable. When I got talking to her though she was a nice lady. Very friendly and polite. Just a shame about her face, but nobody’s perfect!

I went into Robert Dyas and asked a tall thin bloke with glasses for a travel kettle. He took me for a long walk right to the back of the shop (I wished I had put my new walking boots on) and showed me a plastic electric one. I told him I wanted one for a camping stove. He got a bit huffy and said I should have asked for a camping kettle. I squared up to him and asked if he wanted to fight me about it, but he just looked at me as though I was mad, so I left without buying anything. Serves him right! Robert Dyas will probably go bankrupt now. I already have a kettle anyway. I wonder if it was Robert Dyas I spoke to? Tall chap? Thin? Glasses?

I also went into a pound shop and bought six pairs of top of the range socks, three pairs of rather fetching underpants and a face cloth. Spent £9.98p. So, it can’t be a genuine pound shop can it? Not that I’m complaining. They way I look at it is I saved myself two pence.

At the rate I’m going I won’t have any excuses not to get travelling soon.

Thanks for listening.


  1. Will you take your computer with you when you finally get on the road? I bet that's one of the things you forget about, John. I thought of something else to say, something witty, but it's gone clean out of my head.

    1. I shall take my computer Valerie. Not sure if I will be able to get online much but I will be able to keep writing at least. Actually I can use my mobile phone to stay on line.

  2. Preparation is key. The thing you neglect to take with you will be the very thing you find yourself needing the most.

  3. No place for comments or to sign up to follow you. But I like it. The background is pretty.

    1. I still have to work on it Emma. It isn't as easy as WIX says it is. :)