Sunday, 21 December 2014

Mixed Veg!

Today I had my dinner -mince and tatties with veg- at breakfast time and I intend to have my breakfast - don't know what yet- at dinner time. Lunch time is causing me a bit of a quandary. I suppose it will have to stay there in the middle. If I had supper I could change it til supper time but I never eat supper.

I like my vegetables properly cooked, especially brussel sprouts, by that I mean soggily soft. I can't see the point of eating them when they are still hard. To me that is more like a salad.

I read somewhere recently that you should not peel potatoes because all the goodness is in the skins. Tried it. Bloody awful! Spoilt a good meal! Don't believe everything you read that's all I'm saying.

I always par boil potatoes, then give them a good shake up over the heat before roasting. Makes them nice and crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. I do the same with chips, 'cept I then fry them in the wok. Lovely!

Me and potatoes, a match made in heaven as far as I'm concerned. Yes I know the start of this sentence starts with an object instead of a pronoun but I don't care because I don't know what it actually means. Although I would like to thank the Grammarly app for the information I will not always be making use of the information it supplies.

Right, what's the time? Nearly three o'clock. I'm off for my elevenses. Laters.


  1. I love breakfast for supper. I prefer my vegetables a little firmer than soft but I will take them any way they are served. Fresh vegetables are best except for spinach. For some strange reason I prefer canned spinach. Odd, isn't it?

    1. I prefer canned spinach too Emma -we say tinned over here in Blighty. We must be a couple of oddballs!

  2. They say anything goes in the grammar stakes, John. Hope so because I use it as an excuse!

    There are certain meals when spuds in skins are acceptable but I usually like them peeled. And (see what I mean about correct grammar} I prefer my greens well done.

    Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a Bright New Year.

  3. I too, like taters just about any way at all!