Tuesday, 2 September 2014

How Far Is It? Just There And Back Again.

My Extremely Handsome Son George informs me that he is going for a walk today with his friend Cameron.

"Where are you walking to son?"

"Going to Pulborough dad."

"Blimey that's what you call a walk. Must be about 20 miles.

"Yeah about that I think."

"Do you want me to come and pick you up when you get there?"

"No thanks."

"How you going to get home then?"

"We're going to walk home."

My Extremely Handsome Son George doesn't half make me feel old sometimes!


  1. John, my 44-year-old son runs 5 miles before going to work. I doubt I could have run 5 miles when I was 44. Imagine how it makes me feel now!

  2. We used to cycle miles, now I have to think seriously about going out into the kitchen. lol
    'Old age aint no place for sissies', as quoted by Bette Davis, and she was so right.

  3. When I drive to the house my family built and then drive past my high school I cannot believe that I used to walk that far and think nothing of it. Downtown was miles away and yet I loved to walk there and hang out. Now I have to fight to keep from driving to the post office two blocks away.

  4. Going to Pulborough and back....hope George and his friend Cameron enjoyed the walk there and back.

  5. John, I'm so old I can't even imagine what 20 miles. God bless the motor car.

  6. I did some long distance walks Minehead to Combe Martin on the South West Coast Path only 2 years ago. Couldn't do it now, I've developed a dodgy hip. But once the doc gives me a new one, I'll be back walking!

  7. Well, I can imagine 20, but no t the back again part!