Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Just At The Moment.

Sadie the German Shepherd was there as usual, waiting at the gate for me. Bonnie the Ginger Cat was there too as she occasionally is. Not waiting for me though, she simply enjoys Sadie's company. The hen's were by the gate also, scratching away at the ground, searching for morsels.

I hadn't been away long, perhaps half an hour. I had been picking up a bag of layers pellets for the hens from the local feedstuff's store.

As I opened the gate and walked up the drive, the dog and cat beside me and the hen's fluttering and excited before us, it suddenly occurred to me just how lucky I am to be living this simple life.

It had been a dream of mine for years, this alternative way. This is almost the way I imagined it. I don't really want for anything. Having loads of 'things' has never interested me much. Maybe I could get a little bit excited about a big new shed, and I will admit to a love of Jaguar cars, but I can manage without these things.

Of course I have had this feeling of contentment before but just felt it more profoundly today for some reason. It has a way of disappearing just as quickly as it arrives too, so has to be savoured.

I hope you have contentment in your life too. If you don't I hope you find it soon, and please forgive me these few moments of sharing mine.


  1. So good to read a post about your contentment. The simple life is what I am aiming for as well and being able to grow the food that the bearded wonder and I can live on, go out and catch a fish or two for dinner and just taking time out to sit and watch the chooks scratching and pecking about. Oh what a wonderful life!

  2. With my Joe poorly I would give a lot for a simple life right now. Make the most of yours, John.

    Love the bird tables.

  3. Really pleased that life is good for you, John! You need to cherish those moments. I'm quite contented today...Lea says its the pain killers from my tooth extraction. I used to have a Jaguar...Lea says they are beautiful animals.

  4. I too am totally content with what I have most of the time. I'm glad you had such a good day

  5. It is good to hear from Contented John. Miserable John was around for much too long this last time. Sadie, Bonnie, and the chickens finally got through to you. Are they not wonderful beings to care so much about you?

  6. Contentment in life is a good thing.
    My blog soveryverythankfulblog is a testimony to my being thankful for everything that I do have, and sometimes don't have.

  7. Since I'm getting caught up by reading backwards, I already know about Sadie's difficulty. But I'm glad you had those moments of real contentment.