Sunday, 27 March 2011

No socks, no clocks and a rockin' robin.

Had a bit of a crisis last night. I knew that the fabulous "Wintertones" were gigging at the Winterton Arms and that is an event I did not want to miss. Have you heard them? If not give it a try, you will not be disappointed. Oh, yes. I was going to say about the crisis that occurred. I was about to get changed when, absolute disaster! I had somehow neglected to do this quarters washing and found to my horror that I had no clean socks or underpants. The pants wasn't too much of a problem, just a quick rinse through and they were sorted. Anyway, while they were drying in the oven - just a low heat gas mark 4 is good. No rush, I still had an hour to get ready - I sorted through the washing pile to find a pair of socks that were not too dirty and were relatively low odour. Sorry, a small white lie there. I don't really have a washing pile, just various places scattered around the floor. It took a while to locate a half decent pair due to the low odour requirement I had foolishly set myself. By this time I was panicking that I might miss the "Wintertones" first set, so I turned the oven up a bit 'cos the pants hadn't dried and there was a lot of steam coming off them. I was about to run the socks under the tap when it suddenly dawned on me that there was no way they would be dry in time. I always wear thick woollen socks because I find them much better at absorbing the sweat that my feet are prone to. What to do? I had a brainwave, the answer hit me like a brick. Thank goodness and a gold star to the person who invented Frebreze.  Marvelous stuff. A quick spray of it on my socks. Problem sorted!
Very pleased to say that I got to the "Wintertones" gig on time. Even had a few compliments on my new "deodorant". At least I think they were compliments. People were saying "whats that smell?" I had to do without the underpants. Unfortunately they went on fire. Totally destroyed. Shame. They were my only pair. Oh well, I suppose I had better get myself down to the Oxfam shop tomorrow. See what they have in stock.

On a different subject. This putting the clocks forward an hour business. Why do they do it a two o'clock in the morning? Talk about inconvenient. I had to get BT to give me a wake up call. Weird conversation with the operator. "Good morning Sir, this is your wake up call. It is 2 o'clock". "Pardon?" "It is 3 o'clock". "I wanted to be woken at 2 o'clock so that I could put the clocks forward". "Yes Sir you can do that now". "But you just said it's 3 o'clock if I put the clocks forward now that will make it 4 o'clock". "I don't understand Sir". "Well that makes two of us". I said indignantly and I am afraid to say that I hung up on him. Anyway I had a good look and it turns out that I don't have any clocks.

I have had a wonderful stroke of luck. A robin has decided to build a nest in the toolshed. Of course I can't disturb it. That would be illegal. It means I won't be able to do any gardening for quite some time. Marvelous! How long do they incubate their eggs for? It's ages isn't it? Marvelous!

Oh, and by the way, The "Wintertones" were great!


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  1. Must come back, have neglected my English. Thank you for a wonderful day, finding this blog and all the stories I had time to read. Your language is so vivid. Had forgotten so many sayings and idioms. Someone said you should write a book but you are publishing already:) I like them, too, never heard of them of course. WintertoneS at The Winterton Arms Halloween 2009 - YouTube