Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Water? What Was I Thinking?

I drew this glass of water but really should have made it a glass of whisky. Perhaps I will draw that tonight? A nice single malt would be nice.

I drew this as an exercise on a piece of wall lining paper. Buying a roll of lining paper is an awful lot cheaper than a drawing pad.. I am quite pleased with it but it isn't a good paper for detailed drawing. I maybe could have made it better with a finer paper? Also, it was drawn under electric light. Natural light would have given me more to work with.


  1. I agree that the reflection of the water on the paper might have been stronger in sunlight. However it is an interesting exercise.

  2. I refrain from being critical or congratulatory since I couldn't even do that no matter what paper I used.

  3. the texture makes it interesting

  4. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !