Monday, 16 October 2017

Trains And Tubes.

I went to London recently from my home in the countryside. I was attending a meeting to discuss legal stuff about my childhood tribulations. I wish I could tell you about it but I am sworn to confidentiality. I can say that things are moving forward despite disgusting attempts to blacken those of us who went off the rails after we left 'care'.

This little video is just me chatting about my day.


  1. Hi John , brilliant tale of the countryside meeting the city. As I’ve said before,you have a lovely way with words. Re the black gentlemen ,there is no reason to stare at anyone, but we have none in the vast sprawling village that is Four Lanes . And so when we see people that are black here, we don’t actually stare ,but it is natural to look a bit longer. I am very sorry you were treated so abysmally at your children’s home . I was so lucky with ours, l loved every day there, and sometimes I so wish I was back there. Anyway , keep the vids coming. Hope you’re ok? The past rears up sometimes, and when we’re going through a good time it often gets spoiled by memories . Love and hugs. xx

  2. From past posts and from reading your books I have a small understanding of some of the things you experienced as a child. Then I have been reading about these homes both over where you are and here in the US.I am horrified every time. I am hoping that there is a monetary settlement for all of you. It's the least those awful people can do. You know that you have my best wishes here.
    I enjoyed the video. Young people are not the monsters we old folks imagine them to be. You had a great adventure trying to get home. At the time I'm sure it was frustrating but what a great story to tell your granddaughter.

  3. I enjoyed your chatty video, John, I could have gone on listening all day. You have that kind of soothing voice. Hope all goes well for you and that the people who hurt you and others get their comeuppance.