Friday, 27 October 2017

Nuns And Monks

Nuns wear long habits made of rough, scratchy linen. This is one of the reasons they always look so uncomfortable and don’t smile much. The reason nuns wear long habits is because their legs are too short to reach the ground? If you ever see a tall nun she may be a fake. Tall women aren’t allowed to be nuns because it takes too much material to make their habits. There are exceptions to this however. For instance, if a nun has ordered too much material to make her habit and doesn’t want the Mother Superior to find out, she will make her habit longer than normal, therefore she needs to be taller to fit it. Her legs will still not reach the ground, but they will take less time not to.

You may be wondering how I know so much about nun’s legs and their habits? Well, I used to go out with a girl who knew a girl whose sister went to a convent school and she told me she had been told by the girl she knew, that her sister told her she had never seen a nun’s feet. But to be honest with you most of what I know has been garnered from years of never seeing a nun’s feet myself. In fact, even though it is more likely, I haven’t even seen a nun’s foot let alone both feet.

Monks wear long habits too, but their legs reach the ground. I know this because I visited a monastery once and noticed the monks wore sandals and why would they do that if their feet didn’t reach the ground?

Monks habits are also made from rough, scratchy linen. Why, in that case you may be asking yourself do monks look so happy and smile a lot? I think it might be that monks can wear expensive silk underwear under their habit whereas nun’s underwear is made from the same material as their habits. This might seem unfair but when you think about it nobody forced them to become nuns.


  1. I laugh when you are "monk"eying around. I guess "nun" of the rest of us have the thoughts you have.

  2. I was told by a nun that she word silk underwear to stop the scratching caused by other parts of her Nun's outfit. Hope she wasn't telling porkies lol.

  3. YOu've cleared up some issues here that have bothered me for a long time :) When are you next going to post? it's been a while.