Sunday, 10 September 2017

Walking It Off.

Weight loss update.

In the last five days I have walked 18 miles. I have walked for 8 hours and 32 minutes mainly across rough farmland.

In the last 10 days I have lost 8lbs off my target of two stone.

I am not dieting just eating less and walking a lot more. I only have to fight hunger in the evenings.

Just to think that this time last year walking was so painful my son-in-law bought me a mobility scooter. 

In the shower today I looked down and was able to see my willy! 


  1. Sounds like the 8 pounds have made you happy. Don't starve yourself though. That is not healthy either.

  2. Well done, John, but as Emma said ... don't overdo it.

  3. Great job John!
    Be careful out there walking and make sure you drink plenty of water!