Friday, 1 September 2017

Lean Mean Love Machine.

A couple of days ago when calculating the requirements for the pedometer app on my phone I discovered I am about two stone overweight. That is 28lbs. That's like carrying a bag of coal around all the time. Just a small bag, not like in the olden days when bags of coal weighed 56lbs. When men was men! I once worked as a coalman. But 28lb's is still a lot. An unnecessary burden. I am going to cut out potatoes and bread for a week. Do an extra dog walk every day. The weight will fall off  I just hope I don't have to buy a bag of coal before I lose the extra weight. If I lose two stone I shall be able to skip about like a young  gazelle. I have started to lose it already. Had to take my belt in a notch today. Dead chuffed about that. I suppose I shall have to prepare myself for extra attention from the ladies once I have regained the lean, hard, wiry physique they used to lust over? Bring it on!


  1. You are such a rogue. I can see you now fending those women off with a feather duster and an offer of tea.

  2. An excellent goal, John, and I wish you every success.

  3. Oh, there go those pigs again. lol

  4. DON'T CUT OUT THE POTATOES.. eat more of them and cut out the bread!!!

    I just lost 40 lbs.(a little under 3 stone I think) eating potatoes, sweet potatoes and beans. No magic pills or drugs, just plain old potatoes and beans combined with a daily walk and lots of water.
    Google resistant starch diet or potato diet for more information. It works John and its cheap! My cholesterol, blood pressure and bmi-(body fat) are perfect now, five months ago my doctor wanted to put me on medication to lower them. Got questions? I'll answer them just let me know.