Monday, 14 November 2016

Fair Exchange

Instead of having money why don't we all just give each other stuff for free? You know, like if you need a couple of tomatoes I would give you them and you could give me a medium sized turnip in exchange. That sort of thing.

Actually I need my tomatoes for tomorrows sandwiches but I have got half a cucumber if that's acceptable? And I prefer swede to turnip please.

It's not a perfect system yet. There are a few things to iron out.


  1. If things don't go well in this world we may be back to the barter system because money won't be worth anything.

  2. Unfortunately there are many with nothing to offer!

  3. I welcome that day, John. When I next come down there I will bring a load of stuff and you can pick through it. Save me that half a cucumber. ccc

  4. I think the world has been there and done that but it might be interesting to give another go.