Monday, 20 June 2016

Women And Talking.

It rained like billy-o last night and it kept raining until about 2 o'clock this afternoon. Mia the German Shepherd who loves it when the garden hose is on, strangely doesn't like the rain. She spent the morning lying on her sofa. Strange word lying. Not sure if I just used it correctly.
I looked it up. Lying is correct in the context I used. It is also the same word for telling a lie, lying. At least I think it is. I can't be bothered to look it up again. How do people from other countries ever learn to speak English?

The weather got better this afternoon. Mia the GS and I went for a walk across the fields. The field has been ploughed and harrowed recently. It has been seeded with maize. My boots got clogged with mud. By the time we got back it felt like I was carrying a sack of potatoes on each foot. A large sack. Don't know why I said potatoes. Could just as easily have said carrots I suppose. Or tomatoes? No not tomatoes. Tomatoes don't come in sacks they're too soft. Anyway my boots got really heavy. Like a sack of coal. What is heaviest, a sack of potatoes or a sack of coal? Don't think about it too long.

I went to the local shop today. There were two women just outside the entrance talking. They were still talking as I left the shop. Mia the GS and I went for a walk around the playing fields. When we got back to the van after about three quarters of an hour I noticed the two women were still talking. They must have been there for an hour and I don't know how long they had been there before I came along. They seemed very animated too. How can women talk for so long at a time? What do they find to say to each other? They were still talking as I drove away. I have noticed that Tricia can spend all day with a friend then when she comes home she can spend a couple of hours talking on the phone to the same friend she just spent the day with. How is it possible? It's quite an achievement I feel. Men can't do it. Men just say hello to each other and leave it at that.

I stopped taking statins about three weeks ago. I think I feel better for it, but I'm not sure. I thought about it and read up on statins before I stopped. I have decided that I shall reduce my cholesterol with a sensible diet and not eat too much sugary stuff.

I watched the England football team playing Slovakia in the European Cup. Wish I hadn't bothered. Rubbish. Football is a real soft game these days. Not like when I was a boy. Why, when I was a boy we were really tough and used to tackle properly. Today the players are so scared of getting booked they don't dare tackle hard. When I used to play when I was young......

Take care. See you soon.


  1. Of course English is our native language as well. Our problem is that over the years we have incorporated words and phrases from many other languages as well. So we have the nuances of English and all those other languages as well as our own slang terms. Then we have various regional differences in wording as well as accents. At least you are dealing with one language.
    I too have been accused of being too wordy. I cannot imagine why. I actually find it difficult to find enough things to say to even carry on a conversation much less to talk for hours and hours and hours. I suppose some could converse for a long time but I tend to think of them as windbags with little to really say. I much prefer an educational conversation with someone who has something of substance to say. I could never go on and on the way some do... what do you mean there is a word limit here? I am not fin

  2. I can talk till the cows come home, I see people backing away from me as I speak. A right old gas bag I am ;o))

  3. I watched the football match and my view is like yours - total rubbish. What the hell were they playing pussyfoot tango? As for talking, I comes and goes in that area... sometimes I can get quite animated, other times I don't want to know. How odd is that for a woman!!!!! Yes, I too am SICK FED-UP WITH THE RAIN.