Saturday, 18 June 2016

Rambling A Bit.

I have been thinking that I would quite like to just write little bits and pieces of my every day life on here instead of just waiting for the muse to strike me. Mind you my every day life can be quite humdrum at times. Most times to be honest. Today for instance I haven't done much. Went shopping. Walked around the local park with Mia the German Shepherd. Played ball with her a bit. I bought a poly tunnel a few days ago. Today I dug a trench around it and tucked the plastic cover into the soil. It was quite hard work because there were paving slabs to be moved.

Tricia and my extremely handsome son George are on holiday in the Isles Of Scilly. I am looking after the cats while they are away.

I have conjunctivitis. I have an idea I might be allergic to Saffire the crow, Who I am also taking care of. Probably just imagining it. The allergy theory, not the conjunctivitis, I definitely have that. I had to refuse a party invitation because I heard conjunctivitis is contagious. I don't know how true that is. Suppose I should google it? I'm not going to the doctors with it. I'm hoping it will cure itself. Baby crows need a lot of attention. My beautiful daughter Jodie is a great help with it. 

It is half past midnight. Wide awake. I haven't had any dinner. I bought some Lemon Sole today bit unwise to cook it now. Could cause indigestion.

Father's day tomorrow/today. BD Jodie is cooking a roast dinner for me. Making me hungry just thinking about it. Think I shall make a cheese and tomato sandwich. Might make me have sweet dreams?

Oh yes, I forgot to mention I am working on a piece of art. Kind of a sculpture. Folk art I would say. I shall show a photo when it's finished. S'pose I should photograph the new poly tunnel too. Bit too dark outside now though.

Anyway, been nice talking. Do it again soon I hope. Take care

PS Just noticed there is no internet connection. Typical!


  1. I like the newsy format. BD Jodie has become a fixture in your life. That makes me happy. You have your family. Enjoy your roast and Happy Fathers Day.

  2. John, whatever you write makes for an enjoyable read. You have the knack. Keep an eye (whoops) on that eye. Conjunctivitis can't be ignored.

  3. I often think I should just write what comes to mind instead of actually looking for something. Going Gently seems to do okay with this format.