Wednesday, 11 September 2013

EHS George Is At University.

My extremely handsome son George is now at 'uni' in Liverpool. I drove him there on Saturday, stayed to get him unpacked and settled in, and left to come back home on Sunday afternoon.

His student accommodation is quite spacious. There are four rooms to each flat and each has their own key to their room. There is a communal kitchen and sitting room. Also each room has an on suite bathroom.

Our parting was difficult to bear. We are both sensitive and emotional types. There were tears. I hated leaving him.

He is missing home, particularly the animals and familiar things. But he has flatmates and hopefully soon he will have lots of new friends.

 I suspect that he will be making the journey home quite a lot in the first few months. It takes about five hours by train. Of course if he asks me to come and get him I will be there like a shot.

Two hundred and seventy two miles. That is the distance involved. Not a lot is it? My new satnav told me it would take four and a half hours to get there. Haha maybe it would if I had a fast car and didn't make any stops on the way. Sadly I don't have a fast car.

Today is induction day for EHS George. He will meet his course tutors and fellow students for the first time. I am hoping that he will soon be so involved that he won't have time to feel homesick.
The accommodation blocks

How long will it take for me to get used to him not being at home?

The Liverpool seagulls are no respecters of royalty. Just ask Albert.
I can feel a blogging break coming on. I need to concentrate on other things for a while. I will be back.

Goodbye for now.


  1. Oh, this is a noble post - you're thinking of him and not yourself. A good idea, too, to think about other things and make a few changes in your life. He will be back in time, I am sure.... in fact be careful that you're not moaning in 15 years time about him not leaving home, like so many friends of mine are. They were so upset when their kids went off to uni and then... they got used to it!!

    Have a good blog break.

  2. I know what you're going through, I went through the same when my lad was installed elsewhere. He will, as you know, make friends and find his way very quickly. In the meantime, keep busy.

  3. Soon EHS George will be so busy that his head will be spinning. You need to get busy too. The Ramshackle Art Gallery has been sorely neglected. I have not heard about you going to town to paint. We have not even seen a video of open mic night recently. Sadie needs some love and your chickens have been strangely quiet. Your daughter has a new husband so you should get to know him better. Your granddaughter needs her grandfather. And I am quite certain there is laundry to do. Now get up and do some things for John. That is and order.

  4. EHS George will be homesick for a little while, but once classes start and he's met lots of new friends (and girls), he won't even have the time to miss you or to Skype every day. You'll drop down to a weekend priority. Ask me how I know all this? Experience dear John, experience.
    If you do take a blog break, please don't go into the doldrums, he'll be just fine.

    1. I just read Emma's post...I couldn't have said it better.

  5. I can tell how much you're missing him already.

  6. I will be going through the same thing next weekend, and everyday I feel worse as it gets closer. I'm sure there will be lots of tears for us too as we are very close. His accommodations are very nice though; and to have his own bathroom! My daughter has a roommate and they share a bathroom with MANY other people. We are lucky that she will only be 30 minutes way and will come home many weekends. But I'm sure that will wane in time as she finds new friends, which is a good thing. Hang in there John ♥

  7. It took me a good 6 months for me to get over my girls (who moved interstate, together) leaving home and having their own lives. People would only have to mention their names and I would cry and I was a person who had a busy life of my own and WASN'T going to be affected by the empty nest. That was 20 years ago now.

  8. You and Lin are in the same boat, er, nest. Nice that you are so close to EHS, but you will muddle through.

  9. It can be hard to let go, and of course you are saddened, John, but in time you will hopefully feel better about this new phase of your son's life.

  10. Chin up John, George will be fine, you must get on with your own life. Keep busy.

  11. Our son moved out in March and then, we lost our cat we had had since 1997. It has been tough, I can't lie.
    On a positive note, he has started a band! Look at my last post if you would like to hear him!
    Best wishes to your son! He is a PRINCE of a fellow, just like the latest George that I heard of from England!! :-)

  12. Rest assured that they don't really leave the nest for a long, long time. My son starting college was initially hard for me, but I soon realized that it wasn't nearly as awful as I thought it would be.