Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Unplug Your Hub. It's Time For A Change.

No! Don't go please! You are in the right place I have just changed the blog title. Yes, it was Don't Unplug Your Hub but I have decided to do something different. I do hope you will stay with me.

I am going to be doing more travelling about. Me and Mia the German Shepherd are going to be doing more journeys in our little van. We will be camping out and searching for new walks all over the place.

We shall be exploring Great Britain. There are far too many beautiful places here that I have never visited.

I shall be having some lessons in the use of modern technology to share the adventures with you.

The top box for extra storage. Mia thinks I will need a ladder to reach it.

Working on an awning for a wet dog and clothing. This is my first attempt.

My bed. Mia's bed is in the front. I have removed the passenger seat for her.

I am hoping to start our first trip early in the New Year. Mia the German Shepherd and I hope you will continue to follow our blog and tell your friends too.

UPDATE: Phew! I thought I had lost you all. As you will have gathered from the above I changed the blog title thinking that was all that was required to keep posting on here. I was wrong!Don't unplug Your Hub disappeared entirely. I hope you are reading this because it means I have got it back.
Obviously, I do need some training to do this. For the moment I will keep Don't Unplug Your Hub as the title because I don't want to lose you. And anyway, it is still me, the only thing that will be different is that I shall be travelling around more.
Maybe I can just change the description? I wonder if that would work? Dare I risk it?


  1. Really looking forward to following your adventures. You will be/are living one of my dreams so I thank you in advance for sharing.

  2. I was worried too. I was hoping that you would let us know when you started a new blog. When all those old posts came up and then I was told you no longer exist I was not certain where to find you. Now I can relax and I await your new adventures.

  3. I thought you had abandoned us! It's a relief to know that you're still here. Have a great new year!

  4. I thought something important was going on when my reader popped up about 20 of your past blogs all at once. I decided rightly to stand by and see what transpired. I will watch carefully the progress of your excellent new adventure. Great Britain is a beautiful country that has not yet been adequately explored. I look forward to your efforts to correct that. All my best wishes, dear John. And drive safely.

  5. What happens to Bonnie and the chickens, and the donkey you were thinking about?

  6. What happens to Bonnie and the chickens, and the donkey you were thinking about?

  7. What happens to Bonnie and the chickens, and the donkey you were thinking about?

  8. Having just returned from my adventure in the teardrop camper, I understand your need to wander and enjoy your country. Happy travels.