Monday, 21 August 2017

A Quick Note.

Hello my dear friends,
                                       I am not myself lately. I don't know why. Except I feel something is missing. I am not depressed but something is not quite right. Physically, I am well enough.  I am however going through a very lazy streak. And yet, at the same time I am fairly busy. I am learning to play the cornet and read music. I am learning to speak Scottish Gaelic. I am painting and drawing. I am taking walks with Mia the German Shepherd.
But as I say, something is missing. I feel the need to do something more. I don't like this feeling. This feeling of something needing to be done. Does this happen to you? I don't like it at all. I hope it will soon pass. Soon resolve itself.
                                     Much love to you.


  1. You're probably trying to pack too much into the day. Problem is that with age you suddenly realise that there isn't so much time to do all the things you want to and so you feel discouraged and a bit down.
    I do know exactly how you feel John and I think it could be that all the things we do now could easily not be done if you know what I mean. There is the feeling that if you sat on the bed all day no one would care, whereas when we were working you always had a goal that had to be attained.
    Relax and look around at all the people on sticks etc and just think how lucky you are.

  2. You need birthday cake. At first I was going to ask who you are but then I realized that you are truly bothered. Have you been to open mic night lately? Maybe you need some of your adoring fans for a few minutes. Who knows? Musician can always get lucky.

  3. Dear John... all you have to do is RELAX. What you're going through, and I have been down the same route, is perfectly normal. The slowing down process comes to us all, my friend, whether we like it or not. So enjoy your walks with Mia and only do what you feel doing. All else, whatever it is, can wait - and I firmly believe things will happen that you least expect. Good luck, John.

  4. Love to you too, John. I think you're a year or two older than I and I'm learning how to deal with the realization that there are fewer years ahead than behind. You are a modest and caring inspiration to me. Your bright mind and lively interests are a good example to all of us --all ages. The world is still unfolding its fascinations. Good thing too!

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