Thursday, 23 April 2015

First Class Mail

                                      John Bain,
                                       The Showman's Wagon,
                                         Speckled Wood,
                                          Southern England.

My dear friend,

                        I do hope I find you well, as I am apart that is from the usual niggly things that getting older brings. Still, mustn't complain, things could be worse.

It seems an age since I last wrote, but it isn't really that long. However I do apologise for my tardiness in putting pen to paper. No excuses, just been busy that's all.

The 'holiday' in the Isles of Scilly went well. Mia the German Shepherd was very well behaved. I did have some concerns regarding her behaviour with other dogs but there were no problems despite there being many dogs on the island. In fact Mia was better behaved than many others we came across. I am pleased that I was able to get Tricia's house there decorated nicely too.

Granny has had to go into a nursing home. She had finally become to frail and after ending up in hospital once again after a fall it was decided for the best. She has settled in well. The place is quite near and Tricia is able to visit regularly as are Tricia's older children/adults who live very near.

My extremely handsome son George is still at Liverpool University and is enjoying his studies and doing well.

My lovely granddaughter Maisie has recently had a birthday. Sweet sixteen and never been kissed is the old saying. I don't know about that.

I have built a new henhouse recently. I am collecting some hens on Saturday from a local farm. They are rescued ex caged hens. I am looking forward to seeing them have the freedom to scratch in the soil and being free ranging birds.

How do you fit a very tall grandfather clock into a house with very low ceilings? I have just had to do that in Tricia's house. The clock has been in her family for many years and has great sentimental value. It had to be kept. I shall tell you about that next time.

The dew/wildlife pond is thriving and full of life. I love to sit beside it these warm spring days.

A blackbird and a robin decided that my workshop was a good place to build their nests, Both sets of baby birds have now fledged, but the blackbirds are now raising another brood! They will have to share with me this time though. I have things to make in there.

My camera is broken so no photos this time. I can take pictures with my smart phone but sadly have no idea how to get them onto here. I am not as smart as my phone!

Lots of love. x


  1. Good to hear you are still in the land of the living. Glad all went well on the island. mmmm a big grandfather clock moving to a small space......I will await with interest....
    Have a good one, I daresay the weather is warming up a bit over there. Here in Tasmania, the Robins are making an appearance again so that means winter is on the way. At the moment we are up to our arm pits in autumn leaves and colourful fungi (which I love to photograph).

  2. I had just gotten used to the idea that EHS George is now a young man when you spring the news that LGD Maisie is SIXTEEN? You have a responsibility to not age me so quickly. I did like the nice newsy letter otherwise. I am sure all of you are more at ease knowing that Granny is in a place where she is not completely alone.

  3. Good to hear from you! You've been busy, I know. I too have been getting some things sorted out, some very important and some others simply needing to be done. Haven't reached accord with critters nesting in my workshop yet, but it looks promising. All my best wishes.

  4. Hi John. Thank you for the update, I was thinking about you the other day. Have you seen my efforts at building a summer house, you might like it. Memories of my shed building days as a kid.

    Didn't you strike up a romance with Heiki? I would have thought you two were perfectly suited. Thought you might have got engaged :o))
    Lots of love from me and him, and them. xxx

  5. Thanks for the letter, John. Good to hear from you again. Everything here is about the same, no excitement or anything, but I do still watch the birds daily, or should I say hourly. No sign of chicks yet so I was surprised that your lot had started breeding. Enjoy the spring weather, while it lasts.